'Live PD' Ranks No. 1 on 2017's DVR List

Live PD was the most DVR-ed show of 2017, according to TV data firm Inscape.

The A&E reality series, which shows live footage from various police forces across the U.S., beat out all other scripted and unscripted programs to take the spot in the company's year-end tallies.

Live PD bested fellow high-ranking shows such as The Walking Dead, Teen Mom 2, The Voice and This Is Us to take the top spot.

The show, which is hosted by ABC anchor Dan Abrams, also faired well in the video-on-demand category. It ranked fourth overall, topping Keeping Up With the Kardashians, American Horror Story and This Is Us, among others.

The only higher ranking VOD programs were The Walking Dead, Teen Mom 2 and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While these are impressive stats for Live PD, it is a bit peculiar. The entire appeal of the show it that the events being shown are live in real time.

However, losing that aspect must not matter to many viewers, who don't mind catching the action at a later time.


See the full breakdown of shows below via Deadline.

(Photo: Deadline)

Photo Credit: A&E