'Little Women: Dallas' Cast Members Involved in Huge Nightclub Brawl

The ladies of Little Women: Dallas can pack quite the punch, new video from the show reveals.

Cast members Amanda Loy and Caylea Woodbury engaged in a fist fight at a club while filming season two of the show, which will premiere in October, TMZ reports.

During the scene, other women say they were out "to try to get this group back together," but when Woodbury saw Loy, she landed a slap to the face immediately.

The ladies' beef is over Loy's current boyfriend, Chase, who Woodbury used to date and whose baby she miscarried. She told the other women Loy said "s—t happens" when talking about her miscarriage.

"Guess what Amanda? S—t happened," Woodbury told the camera in the teaser. "Now go run home to Chase and have fun with my sloppy seconds."


And though Woodbury threw the first punch, the clip ends with Loy getting the last word, saying, "She hits like a little girl."

Photo credit: Lifetime