'Little People, Big World' Co-Star Might Buy Amy Roloff's Portion of Family Farm

The Little People, Big World family is currently in a bit of flux due to mother Amy Roloff's exit from the family farm as she moves to spark her new life with finance Chris Marek. While Matt Roloff has put an offer out to fully own the farm himself, there is another potential buyer within the family.

Zach Roloff revealed he's debating purchasing his mother's portion of the farmland, though the plans are on hold while someone rents Amy Roloff's farmhouse on her part of the farm. The goal with the potential purchase is one dedicated solely to family.

"When my mom moved off the farm, I put my hat in the ring to possibly buy her out on the north side," Zach Roloff said on the show. "We've tabled the discussion for now, though, because our long-term farm employee … decided to rent out the house for a few months."

Tori Roloff added her own position to the reasoning why they want to purchase the property. She apparently does have some apprehension, though not about the purchase itself. "Zach and I have been talking a lot about what it would be like to raise our kids on the farm," Tori Roloff said. "However, I don't think I'm comfortable with Jackson getting a 4-wheeler at 4 years old. I'm okay at [age] 5."

Matt Roloff currently still lives and works the farm, moving on with his own potential fiancee, Caryn. His initial offer did not surprise his former wife at all when it first broke. "I always knew that in the end, he would want it all," Amy Roloff said in a trailer for the show's return on May 11. "It kind of irritates me that I go to the trouble of clearing out a space and I come back and you've put stuff in it. You're not creating space for me."


An interesting aspect to Zach Roloff's potential purchase of the property is that the upcoming episodes will cover the couple's pregnancy news, setting the stage for the tragic details that would follow in March.

The latest season of Little People, Big World will premiere on May 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. It remains to be seen if the show will continue on after this season. The recent Josh Duggar controversy has raised questions.