'Little People, Big World': Zach Roloff's Wife Tori Shares Cutest Outdoor Snap of Her Kids

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff recently shared the cutest family photo on Instagram. Roloff posted a photo of her husband, Zach Roloff, posing in a truck with their two kids, Jackson and Lilah. In the photo, all three of the Roloffs don bright smiles for the camera.

Zach was, of course, in the driver's seat in the photo. The couple's daughter, Lilah, could be seen wearing a fancy pair of sunglasses as she sat in the passenger seat next to her dad. Jackson sat in the backseat of the vehicle, and judging by the megawatt smile that he showcased, he was having a blast during their excursion. Roloff noted in her caption that the family was simply having a bit of fun at their farm, writing, "Sunday Funday at the farm with three of my absolute favorite humans!!"

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Zach and Roloff welcomed their first child, Jackson, in May 2017 and their daughter, Lilah, in November 2019. Of course, fans of the couple have been able to see them tackle their parenting journey during the course of Little People, Big World. During an interview with Good Housekeeping, published in April 2020, Zach and Roloff opened up even more about what life has been like with two young children at home. Roloff explained that things were a bit easier when they only had Jackson to look after, as they could dedicate most of their time to him. But, now that they have two kids, things are, obviously, quite different.

“When we had Jackson, he was the only one we had to pay attention to. He was our whole world when he was born and he got 95% of our attention,” Roloff explained. “Then when Lilah comes along, it’s a little more difficult because you have to give 50/50. You have to give your attention to each of them … but Jackson is such a good brother. He’s made it really easy.” Zach noted that once they had baby Lilah, they were able to learn a very important parenting lesson — don't sweat the small things. He said, "[With] your first child you’re uptight, worried about every little cough. The second time around, you’re like, ‘Okay, she’ll be fine. It’s okay to cry.’”

Roloff agreed with her husband and added that they have learned that the parenting skills that they used with Jackson, may not necessarily be useful when it comes to parenting their daughter. She said, "We’re figuring out that they’re two completely separate kids, and we have to adjust our parenting accordingly.”