'Little People, Big World': Watch the Moment Amy Roloff Learns Granddaughter Lilah Will Be a Little Person

Breaking the news to mom Amy Roloff that his and wife Tori Roloff's second child will likely be a little person, Zach Roloff admittedly was worried about what the diagnosis would mean for baby girl's future. In a sneak peek of Little People, Big World's all-new episode Tuesday, Amy shares some of her concerns upon learning that baby Lilah would have achondroplasia like her father and brother and paternal grandparents.

"I just hope she's a healthy little person like this little guy is," she says of Tori and Zach's 2-year-old son Jackson. Zach agrees, "That's what we're saying. We feel like we got pretty blessed with Jackson being such a healthy [dwarf], he doesn't need tubes, doesn't have hydrocephalus or any of that, you know what I'm saying?"

With Amy advising the expectant parents to count their blessings, she does worry that baby Lilah could end up having health issues like Zach, who required a shunt, ear tubes and leg problems as a child. "[Jackson being healthy] to me is a blessing in itself, so I'll keep praying for this baby that she's healthy," she said.

The physical issues aren't the only things Zach is concerned with. "We also talked about when you do have a dwarf kid, knowing that you're gonna have a kid that has some sort of disability, it is like 'Ahh.' And then with a girl ... I see normal girls that have insecurity issues."

Amy recalls growing up feeling "excluded" or like she "couldn't relate," adding that her natural shyness could have also been a factor. "As a little person growing up, it was tough," she tells the camera. "Even though I was a part of something, I never felt a part of it."


"I would think it's harder for an LP girl to grow up than a boy," Zach adds. "Girls can be very catty with each other. As a dwarf girl, you're never totally equal in that round table. ...Lilah's gonna feel a normal life adversity of being a person with dwarfism, but I hope she doesn't feel anything beyond that."

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