'Little People, Big World' Stars Zach and Tori Roloff's Daughter's Diagnosis Prompts Surgery Concerns

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff are looking to the future when it comes to daughter Lilah's strabismus seven months after the 19-month-old's diagnosis. In a sneak peek of Tuesday's Little People, Big World published by Us Weekly, the parents reveal their youngest may have to undergo surgery to help realign her eyes. Watch the preview here.

"Lilah has strabismus so she wears glasses to help get her eyes realigned," Tori explains to the cameras of her daughter's condition. "Now she also has to wear an eye patch for an hour a day, hopefully to correct the inward turning of her right eye."

While the diagnosis was not "a super serious situation," Tori explained that doctors are "monitoring her," seeing her every three months "just because they don't want her depth perception to be messed up because one eye is turned inward," which the TLC star says is "really the only concern at this point." Lilah's condition may require surgery in the future, which Tori assured would be "quick" and "home the same day," but there's no knowing what the future holds in terms of treatment.

Tori does think Lilah's eyesight has gotten "worse" over time, she tells Zach. "Honestly, I think she's gonna need surgery. When she's tired or she's working really hard to focus on something long-distance, that's when I usually notice her go cross-eyed," she says. Zach agrees that Lilah looks at long distances "differently," adding, "When she's over there looking at me, I notice. Up close, it's not as bad."

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Zach and Tori, who are also parents to 4-year-old son Jackson, welcomed Lilah in November 2019, sharing her diagnosis with their Instagram followers a year later. "Sweet girl has what's called strabismus. Basically she's crossed eyed," Tori wrote in November 2020. "She's had it since birth, and we've always joked that she's our crossed eyed beauty queen. Turns out, it's a legit thing."


Speaking honestly, Tori said there was "a lot of mixed emotions" from her when they put glasses on Lilah for the first time. While the little girl seemed "relatively unbothered" by them, Tori admitted it was "going to take [her] a minute to get used to" seeing her youngest in glasses. That being said, Tori was "warming up to the glasses as we speak!" noting, "Really, she does just keep getting cuter. Love you, sweet crossed-eyed beauty queen!" Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.