'Little People, Big World' Fans Send Love to Zach and Tori Roloff After They Confirm Daughter Lilah Is a Little Person

Little People, Big World fans are sending messages of love and support to and Zach Roloff and wife Tori after the couple revealed that their newborn daughter, Lilah Ray Roloff, has the same form of dwarfism as her father and 2-year-old brother Jackson. The couple revealed the news in a video posted by TLC Friday officially introducing Lilah to viewers and confirming she has achondroplasia.

"Lilah has achondroplasia, dwarfism, so we're two for two on that front," Roloff said in the video, Tori then chiming in with, "Two for two."

After the video was posted and viewers tuned in, many took to social media to send the family support.

"It dose not make a difference if she is a little person, she is a human being and will be loved and care for like any other beautiful baby," one person commented on PopCulture.com's story. "Love you and your family. Bless you and your family!"

"She s just as sweet and adorable as her big brother. God makes all of his children perfect in HIS sight!!" another wrote.

"A beautiful little person," commented a third. "She will have a full wonderful life just like any other child and parents who love her so much as they do Jackson. Wonderful family oriented group of folks."

"All that matters is that your baby is healthy. She will bring lots of love and joy, and has fabulous parents and family," added another fan.

"Doesn't matter there both beautiful and Zach and Tori are great parents," another wrote.


Although the Friday-posted video confirmed Lilah's achondroplasia, it is not the first time that the parents of two have addressed the topic. After announcing that they were expecting in May, Tori's social media posts were flooded with comments from fans wondering if her daughter would also be a little person. Although Tori confirmed that they "do track dwarfism from 24 weeks to like 32-ish weeks" and you can "find out through an amniotic draw," she and her husband had "opted out of that just because we don't care either way."

In early November however just weeks before Lilah's Nov.19 birth, Amy Roloff, Roloff's mother, confirmed that her granddaughter "will be a little person," explaining that the couple had a "50/50 chance of having a little person" with all of their pregnancies. Tori and Roloff did not confirm that statement at the time.