'Little People, Big World' Stars Send Sweet Messages to 'OutDaughtered' Mom Danielle Busby After Her Hysterectomy

Danielle Busby has plenty of her TLC co-stars to depend on as she recovers from undergoing a [...]

Danielle Busby has plenty of her TLC co-stars to depend on as she recovers from undergoing a hysterectomy Wednesday. After three years of "extreme" pain following the birth of her quintuplets, the OutDaughtered star successfully had her uterus removed, husband Adam shared on the family's YouTube channel and Instagram, where surgeons also located spots of endometriosis that could have been causing her pain.

"Well...it's been three years and I have finally got to the tipping point with all my pain," Danielle wrote on Instagram ahead of her surgery. "I am so proud of my body for being able to actually carry quintuplets but physically, my body after having quintuplets has been going through a lot of on-going pain...making me completely miserable, days where I can't get out of bed with constant belly and back pain ...for years!"

"This last year it has just gotten so painful and i really needed to stop putting off 'fixing it,'" the mother-of-six continued. "The solution to most of my issues was to have a hysterectomy. So today was the day!"

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff was quick to offer her support, commenting alongside a heart emoji, "You are a super woman."

Caryn Chandler, Matt Roloff's longtime girlfriend, also sent her well-wishes, commenting, "Get better soon."

Being so open about her reproductive organ pain was strange, Danielle admitted on her YouTube channel: "I know this is something we haven't ever really shared or talked about but life physically since having quintuplets has been super painful, challenging, hard," she said. "Your body goes through this major shock — I'm so proud of my body for being able to carry the girls to 28 weeks and have 5 happy babies who are 4-year-olds now."

Having been diagnosed with cysts on her ovaries and polyps inside her uterus, the reality personality was "extreme pain 24/7" that doctors advised should be resolved with a hysterectomy.

"Having a hysterectomy should he the fix of all my pain," she continued. "It's a big deal. It's gonna be hard to recover from all of this, but I'm ready to get this all over with."

After a successful surgery, Danielle should be back on her feet in six to eight weeks, Adam revealed, as she tries to find some peace and quiet in their busy home — maybe with the help or prayers from her friends, the Roloffs.

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