'Little People, Big World': Jacob and Isabel Roloff Select Their Christmas Tree During Snowy Outing

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Roloff, members of the Little People, Big World Roloff family, introduced their Instagram followers to the Christmas tree they picked out on Sunday. The festive new post came a few days after Isabel celebrated reaching 100,000 followers on the social media platform. Roloff has been remarkably open with her fans on Instagram, even opening up about plans to grow their family and her past struggles with an eating disorder.

On Sunday, Isabel shared a pair of photos with Jacob as she held their small Christmas tree. "We got out Christmas tree today," she simply wrote in the caption, adding a heart emoji. She shared more photos in her Instagram Story, with Jacob loading the tree into their car. He nicknamed the tree "Gerty," she wrote. On Monday, she responded to fans who asked why they picked a small tree. "I just want to say... the [small] scraggly ones need love too," she wrote.

Isabel had another reason to celebrate this weekend, as she reached the 100,000-follower mark on Instagram. She thanked fans for their ongoing support. "I feel blessed to have the lovely humans here that I do," she wrote. "So if you are new around here, I’m Izzy, nice to meet ya, happy holidays. Feel free to tell me where you are from and what you’re grateful for this year (and every day of course)."

Isabel and Jacob married in September 2019. Recently, the couple appeared to have babies on the brain, as Isabel told fans they "definitely plan" to have children. On Nov. 16, Isabel shared a photo of the couple, adding the comment, "Just thinkin’ about what our babies are gonna look like." One fan asked if this was a hint she was pregnant, but Isabel quickly responded, "No."

Earlier this month, Isabel also opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder in her teens. In a since-deleted post, Isabel said she thought she "was fat" when she was 14 but has since realized "I was literally wasting away." Today, Isabel is in a much better place and shoe hoped sharing her message will help others. "I just wanted to remind whoever needs to hear it, your body is fine exactly as it is, today, right now. You need to eat. You can rest. Please give yourself all of your unconditional love," Isabel wrote. "You are worthy of that."