'Little People, Big World': Isabel Roloff Opens up About Self-Care After 'One Hell of a Year'

Isabel Roloff, the wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff, returned to Instagram Friday with another soul-baring message for fans. The 24-year-old opened up about the importance of self-care and surviving "one hell of a year." On Thursday, Roloff also wrote about missing traveling the country with her husband.

At the start of her new post, Roloff said she was "so relieved" that she is now at a place where she loves herself. "That means more than just being content with the vessel I was born in, it means enjoying my own company, it means holding myself accountable and being proud of the choices I make in this human existence," she wrote, alongside a selfie. "It looks like practicing self-care in a real way, self-pleasure and allowing myself grace."

The early 20s are an "interesting" time in life, she continued, noting that many people are still "working through and learning so much, taking in the world, and remembering who we are" at that age. "So much of it is honoring our inner child, after having spent our entire adolescence trying to be seen more adult-like and 'grown-up,'" Roloff wrote.

Roloff is starting to "recognize myself" again and is honoring the "light that's always been." Although she still feels "lost sometimes" and 2020 was "a hell of a year," she is "just so happy to arrive at a place where I love myself so much, that the rest always falls into place." Roloff's followers praised her for the powerful message. "Beautifully said," one person wrote. "Shifting to be more aligned with your true self brings the most peaceful peace."

In another Instagram post this week, Roloff lamented not being able to travel the country with Jacob in 2020. She admitted to missing "van life," even though she thought she was "over it" before the pandemic began. Now, she wants to head out on the road again. "I miss our nomadic lifestyle," she wrote. "A time when we could pick up and take off anywhere, with no destination in mind. When it's safe to do so, we will travel again, and live on the road again, I know that."


However, she found a positive in the situation. "...This pause has been so necessary and healing for me; it's given me ample time to reflect and appreciate the magic of living in a van. Because when I was in it, sometimes that was hard to see," she wrote. "Every season serves its purpose. And I am so grateful that I listened to the inner voice that told me to settle down for now, because I think it was truly the right thing to do."

Roloff and Jacob married in September 2019. There was recent speculation among fans that they were expecting their first baby after she shared a photo of them on Nov. 16 with the caption, "Just thinkin' about what our babies are gonna look like." One fan asked if this was a big hint that she is pregnant, but she said it was not.