'Little People, Big World' Alum Audrey Roloff Shares Major Update on Daughter Ember Following Hospitalization

Little People, Big World stars Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy got a scare last week when [...]

Little People, Big World stars Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy got a scare last week when their 2-year-old daughter, Ember was rushed to the hospital with a spiked fever following a slew of health issues in the days leading up to her ER visit. Upon evaluation, Ember was diagnosed with respiratory syncytial virus, a common and very contagious virus that infects the respiratory tract of most children ahead of their second birthday. But with the toddler now on the mend in time for Christmas, Roloff took to Instagram once again to share how she's been doing, admitting that their little one is now "finally on the up and up."

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The former TLC star took to the social network on Monday night with the update, sharing that she hopes as Ember heals and gets back to normal, that they don't get what she had.

"Ember is finally on the up and up," she wrote alongside prayer hands. "Still praying we don't get it... and that this passes over us before baby boy decides to make his debut. Gosh, RSV is no joke [monkey covering eyes emoji]. Poor girl still has a terrible cough but she is way more herself the last couple days, so we went for a walk around the farm yesterday to see the animals and get outside for a bit [tractor trailer emoji]."

Fans took to the comments section to share their love and support over the update, with Roloff's father-in-law's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler cheering the set of photos featuring young Ember and calling her a "Mini Jer!"

"Sweet girl! So happy for all of you that she's feeling better!!" wrote one fan.

"I'm so glad to hear that!" enthused another. "I was so worried about her. Yeah that's what sucks with kids, when one gets sick the other ones do too. Mine are 16 months apart and man was it hard when they were small! Its scary having a newborn this time of year! Merry Christmas!"

"My son has it when he was 6 months old and my bosses granddaughter was in the hospital for over a week in ICU," wrote another. "It's scary stuff. Glad sweet Ember is on the mend . Merry Christmas and God bless you and your beautiful family."

Married at First Sight star, Jamie Otis also commented: "So happy to hear she's feeling better. Merry Christmas to you all!"

According to WebMD, RSV is a virus that infects the respiratory tract in most children before the age of 2. For most babies and young children, the infection causes nothing more than a cold. However for a small percentage, infection with RSV can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening problems such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis, an inflammation of the small airways of the lungs.

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