'Little People, Big World': Amy and Matt Roloff 'Shocked' Show Made It Past Second Season

When Amy and Matt Roloff first signed on to film their lives for TLC, neither one of the Little People, Big World stars expected to still be on TV almost two decades later.

In an interview with Us Weekly published Tuesday, the former reality TV couple opened up about the success of their show, which has followed them through everything from weddings and babies to divorces and family drama.

"I was thinking we'd be lucky to get past Season 2," Amy told the publication. "I think we've been on TV for 16 years! It's been a long time, and I'm very thankful, though, that our show has lasted the longevity, and I think we're, like, family in someone else's living room!"

Matt added that in his mind, the reason for the success of their show, which first started off as a documentary for the network that ended up as the pilot, is being "compromise TV."

"Compromise TV to me, that definition in my mind, basically means male, female, there's something for everybody – any age groups, grandpas, grandmas, young kids," Matt added to the publication. "Everybody has got something. Whether it's the relationship between Amy and I, or the babies, or the marriages, or the bulldozers and Track Hoes, we've got the big farm that has the beautiful backdrop."

Amy added that keeping their show authentic through both the good times and the bad have also endeared their family to the public.

"For the most part, we keep it real. My kids are real. They're grounded. I don't think, for the most part, we haven't got our heads into a different space just because we have the opportunity to share a story," she hypothesized. "Granted, here we're filming three hours and then take the one moment that people will say, 'Oh, it's scripted.' I say, 'No, it didn't feel like the three hours that I was in.' I like to think that we're pretty honest, we're pretty real – at least I am – sometimes to a fault."


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC