Lindsie Chrisley Says She'll Never Forgive Dad Todd Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley's feud with dad Todd Chrisley has escalated over the past month, and now the former Chrisley Knows Best star says that she will never forgive him for the things he's done to her. Around the time the Todd and his wife Julie — Lindsie's mother — were arrested and charged with multiple financial crimes, Lindsie alleged that her father and one of her brothers were attempting to extort her over a sex tape they claimed to be in possession of.

The tape allegedly serves as evidence that Lindsie had an affair with former Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes. TMZ cameras caught up to Lindsie and asked her if there is any possibility for reconciliation with her father, to which she firmly replied there is not. She also questioned whether or not her sister Savannah might have been involved in the sex tape extortion.

Ultimately, however, she stated that regardless of having no interest in amending her relationship with Todd, she does not wish for him to go to prison.

Amidst the Chrisley family drama, Lindsie has tried to remain positive, with the single mother taking to Instagram earlier this month to share a photo of herself and her son while expressing how she's been feeling lately.

"Life isn't meant to be perfect. It is messy & sometimes it is a disaster, but there is beauty in the messiness & there can be peace in the disaster," she wrote. "It's hard to write this without crying, but I wanted to thank each person that has sent me messages, personal friends as well as my social media community. The messages aren't going unnoticed."

She went on to say, "I've been reassured many times over the last two weeks, 'Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.' I have faith in my journey & know God hasn't brought me this far to leave me."

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"To my [Coffee Convos Podcast] family, thank you for your patience, love & support. This weeks episode was pre-recorded & I'll return the following week to catch y'all up to speed," Chrisley concluded her message. "Here's to learning to trust the journey even when I don't understand it."


Todd has vehemently denied having committed the crimes he and his wife are accused of, and have repeatedly stated that they strongly believe they will be vindicated.

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