Lindsie Chrisley Labels Father Todd an 'Abuser' After Posting 'Cease and Desist' Email

Lindise Chrisley called her father, Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley, an "abuser" in a new tweet Saturday. She included a cease and desist email her father sent her back in February 2012 as evidence. In the letter allegedly written by her father, Todd calls Chrisley "a fraud, and an [adderall] addict" and a "miserable soul you finds comfort in spreading lies and gossip."

On Saturday, a Twitter user named Ashleigh Nelson told Chrisley she should "seek help" if she did not remember giving a video deposition that contradicted what Chrisley told Dr. Phil on Oct. 17. In that interview, Chrisley claimed her father threatened to release nude photos and a sex tape showing her cheating on husband Will Campbell with a former Bachelorette contestant.

Todd has denied trying to blackmail his daughter. His representatives said Chrisley told Todd's lawyers in a deposition on June 8 that she was "voluntarily" explaining her relationship with Joshua Waites, the Director of the Georgia Department of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation. Todd has sued Waites, claiming he tried to have a relationship with Chrisley to get personal information to help the state's investigation into alleged tax evasion by parents, Todd and Julie.

"Hey, @ashleighcnelson since y'all were begging for it. Here you go," Chrisley tweeted to Nelson. "Once an abuser, always an abuser. Stop being his minion to threaten me. He's got you hook line & sinker."

Chrisley included the 2012 cease and desist email as evidence that her father has always responded to criticism with threats. In the email, Todd wrote that "former employees as well as others" told him Chrisley "slandered me by stating that I am a crook that I am bankrupt and unethical and that you have stated you will do whatever you need to do to destroy everything that I am and that I have built."

Next, Todd wrote that after he gathered another piece of evidence against her, he would have his attorneys "file suit against you for slander and defamation of character so if you are broke now wait until you pay and attorney 50k to defend your lies."

The letter appears to have been written after Chrisley married Campbell in 2012, as Todd threatens to give his attorney Chrisley's old cell phone "so that when he puts you on the stand your husband can read in your own words about your attempts to hook up with a black guy which is why you were slapped at seaside."

"You have never been abused but just as you have chosen to lie about me, I will make sure that Will knows the entire truth about who you are," the email reads. "Do not ever contact me or the rest of my family again for any reason and If I confirm the rest of the conversations that I have had you will be served with a lawsuit."

Although the letter was written in 2012, Chrisley continued to appear on Chrisley Knows Best until Season 5, which aired in 2017. Since then, Chrisley has been estranged from the family.

Chrisley also retweeted a fan who defended her.

"They keep firing shots, filing lawsuits, making comments on their podcast, making statements to media, so yeah, she's gonna defend herself. She actually said, 'Don't lie on me and I won't be forced to tell the truth about you' now the truth is coming out," the fan wrote.


Todd and Julie were accused of owing $2 million in state taxes in Georgia, but they reached a settlement and only needed to pay back $77,000. They are still facing federal tax evasion charges.

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