Lindsie Chrisley Blasts Father Todd for 'Continuing to Gaslight' Fans After Her 'Dr. Phil' Interview

It has been a wild week for the Chrisley family. Parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were cleared of their tax evasion charges earlier in October but it didn't stop them from going after estranged daughter Lindsie and the tax official behind the case.

The Chrisleys have been alleging that Lindsie had an inappropriate relationship with one of the tax officials, something she denied as part of a sitdown interview with Dr. Phil. This didn't stop her parents from filing a lawsuit against the Georgia tax official and slamming Lindsie after her talk show appearance.

But after speaking out through a rep on Friday, Lindsie Chrisley took her grievances directly to the internet through her Instagram Story.

Not only did she bring texts and messages to support her side, but she also called out her father for gaslighting fans over the legal ordeal.

One image showed a comment on Instagram made by a fan, asking Todd Chrisley if he will tell his side of the story to Dr. Phil in the future.

"Not speaking really should say everything," Chrisley responded to the comment.

This prompted Lindsie Chrisley to copy the interaction and add some commentary on Instagram.

"Someone just sent me this & I find it comical," Lindsie wrote on the Story post. "'Not speaking' when you've done nothing BUT SPEAK & and are continuing to do so. Continuing to gaslight, continuing to deflect. Stop. Stop your bullying, stop trying to play dirty."

Lindsie Chrisley has denied any wrongdoing in her relationship with Joshua Waites, the Georgia Department of Revenue official at the center of her parent's lawsuit. Lindsie is not involved in the suit outside of witness testimony delivered in a deposition in June 2019.


"I said, 'No, that's not the truth,'" Lindsie said in the interview with Dr. Phil. "I said, 'But while we're on the topic of lies, let's talk about the social media stuff that I've endured over the past two years from you and your two minion children. And that's when I got the warning that Chase had incriminating evidence against me, nude photos, and had obtained this tape for $5,000. At that point, the conversation was over for me, and my attorney advised me to file the police report."

This is only the latest in a summer of dramatic turns for the Chrisley family. With the tax evasion charges out of their path, it would seem the family squabbles will continue.