Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pilar Calls out 'Cry Babies' After Husband's Latest Post

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Leland Chapman, the son of Duane "Dog" Chapman, shared a video someone else posted on Instagram Saturday, showing his friend hitting a carnival strength game so hard that his nearby son fell over. The video was controversial among Chapman's fans, with some fearing the child was hit. Chapman's wife, Jamie Pilar Chapman, called those critics out as "cry babies."

Back on Dec. 2, a barber posted the original video. It shows the barber taking a swing at a strength-testing machine, with his first whipping around after hitting it. He appears to hit his son nearby, who falls over. However, the barber assured his followers that he never hit his son.

"Warning I didn't hit him that was his way of acting out [laughing out loud] watch to the end," the barber wrote in the caption.

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Chapman went ahead and shared the video, unedited, on his own Instagram page. "It's Fight Night," Chapman wrote.

Chapman's post has more than 400 comments after it was posted earlier Saturday. One person simply wrote "Unfollowing."

"Good if your feelings are hurt that bad over that then God help you I'd stay off all social media. If you get that butt hurt over that how do you manage to make it through the day," Chapman wrote back sarcastically.

"[Oh my God]! A bunch of cry babies! Some of you need glasses. The guy didn't hit the kid, it was all an act," Jamie wrote in her own comment. "You can clearly see the space between him and the kid when the kid decided to fall. Also his arms are not long enough to hit the kid from the angle he barely turned. JESUS! Some of you!"

Jamie continued, "And if the guy made contact with the kid don't you think he'd turn around around in shock realizing what he had done instead of facing back towards the game? Think about it? Or obviously don't since that appears to be super hard for some of you wah-babies!"

Still, one fan did not think the video was funny, even if it was fake. "No matter if this is fake or not. Something like this shouldn't be shared or to be laughed about. Fact!!!!" a fan replied to Jamie.

Jamie stood her ground though, writing back, "Get off your high horse! The STEPFATHER and the mom posted this originally... go tell them what they can and can't post! The the rest of the world won't reshare it."


Jamie recently sparked some conversation thanks to a photo she shared on Thursday showing herself wearing a Rugrats crop-top sweatshirt. A handful of fans thought she might have been hinting at a pregnancy because of her exposed stomach, but there is no confirmation on that.