Leah Remini Jokingly Teases Ellen DeGeneres Is 'Acting Interested' in Awkward Interview

Leah Remini appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday, and instead of Ellen's usual spooky episodes during October, things took an awkward turn. E! News reports The King of Queens alum walked out, quickly getting into why she thinks it's totally "normal for a parent to scare the crap out of their kids."

She and her husband, Angelo Pagan, share a 17-year-old daughter, Sofia –– who is allegedly a tough one to scare, according to the mom. She told a story of her trying to shock her daughter with a scary mask, but the attempt was to no avail. She went on to share another anecdote of a time she made her assistant hide out in her dance instructor's car, but she cut the story short. "One of my teachers was there, and I had my assistant dress up in my pigtails...," she said, right before teasing Degeneres. 

The comedian's facial expression must've gotten lost in translation since Remini stopped to ask if she was paying attention. "No, because you're acting really interested. So, like, I don't know if you're doing that thing where you're, like, into my story, so that..." she said. 

Degeneres gave an emphatic denial, saying, "I'm always interested!"  Remini laughingly responded, saying, "You're not, Ellen! Stop." She then reached over and playfully smacked Ellen's arm a few times. "Ow! It's my last season," Ellen said, removing her arm from Remini's line of attack. "I love you, I miss you and I'm so happy to be here on your last season," Remini said, closing the slightly awkward interaction. "But anyway, thank you for having me."

The Ellen Degeneres Show is in its final season following last year's major scandal, but the comedian isn't going out without a bang. The finale kicked off with visits from notable stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian. Other celebrities to make appearances this season include Tiffany Haddish, Imagine Dragons, Melissa McCarthy, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Julianne Moore and Melissa Etheridge.

There's been much speculation regarding who will take over Degeneres' time slot once she's no longer on the air. As many have begun comparing the daytime host to American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson (whose daytime show also earns 1.3 million daily viewers), the "Since U Been Gone" singer shares she's not interested in being compared to anyone. "No one can take over for Ellen," Clarkson said. "It's an iconic show."