Kristin Cavallari Opens up About Her Dating Future Following Jay Cutler Divorce

Kristin Cavallari is going to be a lot more discerning when it comes to her dating life. After filing for divorce from ex-husband Jay Cutler in April 2020, the Very Cavallari star has been linked with comedian Jeff Dye, but confirmed earlier this month she was living the single life. In Monday's episode of the Scrubbing In podcast, Cavallari said she has no plans to introduce a partner to her three children — Camden, 8, Jaxon, 7, and Saylor, 5 — until she was positive it was the real deal.

"It's going to take the guy I marry next for me to introduce them to my kids," she shared. "My kids will not meet anybody until I know this is the one." As for what she's looking for now, the MTV star responded, "I do want to date — I do want to have fun. I'm really enjoying where I'm at right now, and I'm having a good time. But I am 100 percent single at the moment."

Cavallari didn't name Dye, but noted that there are ways to be "a little more secretive" dating in the public eye than in her last relationship. "I think I got a little lazy last fall," she admitted. "That was the moment. I was having fun, you know? It was like, I also want to go out in public as well." Cavallari and Dye were first linked in October after they were photographed kissing in Chicago, and the two put their PDA out there a number of times over the next few months through March.

Cavallari added on the podcast that she and Cutler first started dating when she was only 23, so she wanted to enjoy being single before jumping into another serious relationship. "We filed over a year ago, and then it took me a minute, but then I dated somebody, and it was great," Cavallari shared. "He was the perfect guy to date after Jay. He was really sweet, made me feel really good. But now I just want to be by myself. And when it's the time, it'll happen. I'm not gonna force it."


As for if she plans to marry again, Cavallari said she "definitely" still believes in marriage and plans to wed "eventually," but the idea of getting married at the moment "makes [her] cringe" just thinking about it. "But yes, I still very much believe in it, and I do think that I'll meet someone eventually," she explained.