Kim Zolciak Biermann Attacks Kenya Moore After Jab About 'Pimping' Her Daughter on 'RHOA'

Kim Zolciak Biermann had to be pulled off of Kenya Moore after attacking her for accusing her of [...]

Kim Zolciak Biermann had to be pulled off of Kenya Moore after attacking her for accusing her of "pimping out" her 20-year-old daughter in Sunday's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Bravo personalities started going at each other in last week's episode, when Zolciak Biermann accused Moore of having to hire a man to marry her at NeNe Leakes' "Girls and Gays" party.

"Worry about pimping your daughter out, b-tch," Moore fired back, referencing a controversial tweet the Don't Be Tardy star wrote in May in which she joking offered up daughter Brielle sexually in exchange for John Legend tickets for her son Kash, who had recently been bitten by a dog.

Moore's comment crossed the line for Zolciak Biermann, who threw a plate at her castmate before jumping at her. Luckily, husband Kroy Biermann was there to step in, grabbing her off of the woman before any harm could be done.

"Let me tell you something, b-tch, because you will not talk about my f--king daughter," Zolciak Biermann screamed. "That's where you crossed the motherf--king line."

Later, she confessed that Moore had hit a sore spot with her.

"Don't mess with my man, my money or my kids," she told the camera. "You're talking about Brielle, my relationship with [Chrissy Teigen]...I'm allowed to tweet whatever I want. It's not for your eyes, you dumb b-tch, so I don't know why you're even talking about it."

She continued: "I don't know what this dumb b-tch is doing except walking around pretending she got married."

The other Housewives didn't necessarily feel bad for the returning OG, with most agreeing she had provoked the comment with her attack on Moore's husband.

"I never think it's a good idea to even mention anyone's kid," Cynthia Bailey said. "However, I don't think Kim was gonna leave Kenya alone until she got a response, and she got one."

Leakes, with her usual candor, said Zolciak Biermann can't come after people who criticize her own mistakes as a parent.

"I believe talking about kids is off limits, but you can't be posting things about your own child sucking d-ck and then be mad someone else someone said she sucked a d-ck."

Later, Zolciak Biermann tells castmate Porsha Williams she almost "beat that b-tch to a motherf--king pulp," embellishing the story to add a jab against her "injured son" Kash to what Moore said.

While Housewife Sheree Whitfield said she didn't hear Moore mention Kash at all, Williams was quick to jump on Zolciak Biermann's side and deliver the most memorable line of the episode.

"She never should have mentioned your injured son and your hoe daughter," she said.

The comment, which was greeted with a beat of awkward silence, was deemed iconic by fans online.

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Bravo