Kim Kardashian Confesses She's 'So Mean' to Sister Kourtney in 'KUWTK' Finale

Kim Kardashian and sisters, Khloé and Kourtney are working to repair their antagonistic [...]

Kim Kardashian and sisters, Khloé and Kourtney are working to repair their antagonistic relationship after an argument over Kourtney's role in Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians resulted in Kim threatening to fire her big sister from the show altogether. In a preview of Sunday's KUWTK Season 17 finale, the Kardashian-Jenner family undergoes an intensive family therapy session while on vacation in Wyoming.

"I want each one of you to pick one person sitting here and tell them what's the one thing you'd love to focus on strengthening in your relationship," mom Kris Jenner tells her family. "What we're gonna do is build the communication. Khloé, is there somebody on the bus that you'd like to strengthen with?"

"I feel like Kourtney and I sometimes fizzle," Khloé admits. "So, I think I would love to get us back on course and maybe not be so reactive. For myself."

Kim also felt like there was work to be done in her relationship with Kourtney, admitting she hadn't been the kindest.

"I want to fix, you know, my relationship probably with Kourtney, for those mean reasons and those mean comments," the KKW Beauty founder said. "I mean, I can be so mean."

Khloé noted there wad fault on both sides, saying, "You guys go back and forth though. It's an equal."

In Sunday's episode, Kim and Kourtney went back and forth with a vengeance, as the younger sister criticized the Poosh founder for wanting to keep her private life off camera.

"Everyone needs a f—ing consequence," she said. "Let's show her. If she doesn't want to show up, if she doesn't want to work and she has too many f—ing boundaries, then she's out."

"I think the private moments are so special and I just need more of them," Kourtney said of her wanting to take more time to herself after years of filming. "My well-being is more important than the show."

In a November interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kourtney announced she would be taking a step back from KUWTK, explaining, "I just decided to spend more time as a mom and put more of my energy there. But I'm not saying goodbye."

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on E!

Photo credit: Jared Siskin , Getty