Khloe Kardashian Confirms Current Status With Tristan Thompson in Sweet Birthday Post

Khloé Kardashian finally publicly confirmed that she has reunited with her 'best friend' and baby [...]

Khloé Kardashian finally publicly confirmed that she has reunited with her "best friend" and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. In a heartfelt Instagram post to celebrate Thompson's 30th birthday, Kardashian wrote about their unshakeable bond. "The ones that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is designed to tear them apart and they come out even stronger than they were before," Kardashian wrote. "Thank you for showing me everything you said you would. For the father you are. For the best friend I have in you. I'm thankful that I can do absolutely nothing with you and it feels like everything. I hope you know today and everyday how loved you are by me and so many. Happy Birthday, TT! Welcome to 30! I can't wait for all of the memories. This is when life just starts getting good!"

The off-again-on-again couple shares one daughter, True, 2, and dealt with Thompson's infidelity, most notably an incident with former family friend Jordyn Woods in 2019. The couple has since reunited and is living together in Boston where Thompson plays for the Celtics. Kardashian has spoken about her desire to have more children with Thompson, but the pandemic has slowed their plans. "Tristan had a few days off and spent time with Khloé and True in Los Angeles. The family even had an early birthday celebration for him," a source told People. "Khloé and Tristan are good. They are obviously spending a lot more time apart now since Tristan lives in Boston. They are still moving forward with their plan to have another baby."

"Khloé is definitely frustrated at times," the source said. "She really, really wants another baby and finds it hard to be patient. But she is trying to stay positive. She believes and hopes that it will happen this year."

Kardashian was extremely about her struggles with fertility on the podcast Lady Parts with Sarah Hyland, reiterating that she and Thompson planned to have more children, but that their timeline had been a bit delayed. "If you do need assistance in fertility, it's much more challenging during COVID," Kardashian explained. "They say, 'If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.' So the one time I'm actually really trying to plan, God is saying, 'Uh uh, you can't make your plans like this!' "

"My plan was to have kids closer in age," Kardashian continued. "But with COVID and everything, my plan's been a little delayed. I definitely do want more kids. I have so many brothers and sisters. I think it's such a blessing — especially during these times — to have a family member or people that you can play with and rely on and just have a buddy through life."