Kate Gosselin's Fame Reportedly 'Went to Her Head' During Dramatic Move and Return to Nursing

Kate Gosselin's move from reality royalty to a regular working citizen was reportedly a tough transition for the mom of eight. Sources close to Gosselin and her family tell Intouch Weekly that getting back into nursing was a "major challenge" for her.  "Returning to nursing isn't easy for Kate because of her fame. It really went to her head," the source said of Gosselin's, 46,  career switch. "She hadn't worked as a nurse since she began filming the show [Jon & Kate Plus 8] 15 years ago! But she has to do what she has to do." 

The reality TV alum was spotted on Jan. 4 in photos published in The Daily Mail as she pumped her gas upon leaving her nursing job at the local medical center. Prior to moving her family from Pennsylvania to a new home in North Carolina, she earned her registered nurse license for the state. Her children Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah chose to move with her while Collin and Hannah stayed with her ex-husband Jon, who was awarded custody in 2018. Their other two children Mady and Cara remain away at college in New York City. 

On the other hand, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin has opted for a more private life in more recent years after Kate made her reality TV return with Kate Plus Date in 2019. "Jon has been through this already," the insider continued telling the outlet. "He went from partying in France with celebrities to DJing at Applebee's in Pennsylvania. But he will tell you himself, he is happy and his relationship with his children [Hannah and Collin] is great, and that is what matters most to him."

The source adds that Kate feels very positive about her decision to uproot now that she's been getting settled in the last few months. "Kate had been living a relatively normal life in Pennsylvania for years after her reality show fame began to fizzle out," the source pointed out. "The kids were in school, and they kept her busy," they said, noting that it "just made sense, and it's a better way of life for her and the kids now," the source added. "The younger four will be in college this year. Kate didn't need to keep their gigantic home in [Wernersville, Pennsylvania]."