Kate Gosselin Reportedly Fearful Ex-Husband Jon Wants Own Show After Gag Order Is Lifted

Kate Gosselin is reportedly fearful that her ex-husband Jon may be after his own show bow that the gag order prohibiting him from speaking about personal matters among their family has been lifted. According to In Touch, a source close to the situation stated, "Kate seems to be laying low in her fight with Jon, which isn't like her at all. Friends say Kate just doesn't want to open up any old wounds, but some say she's afraid that Jon, now that his gag order has been lifted, might be up to something. She's afraid that Jon might get another show, which he's been pushing for, and that Hannah, and Collin, might start talking. About what? Kate says she doesn't know, but of course she does."

The new report comes after Jon did an interview with the Daily Mail, spilling a lot of details regarding Collin, who Kate had sent to a behavioral and mental health facility for issues that Jon claims do not exist.

"Kate sent [Collin] away" because "she couldn't deal with him," he said, then going on to claim, "Other than ADHD, which is extremely common, Collin has never been diagnosed with any known medical condition, there's nothing wrong with him."

Jon went on to explain that back in 2016, police officers knocked on his door and informed him that Collin was in a "special needs place" and that Kate had placed him there. They explained that they could not tell him the name of the facility, but that they did need to speak with him about claims that Collin made.

"I'm like, where is he? I'm super worried," Gosselin said, recalling the way he felt when he heard the news. "So I'm calling my manager. I'm calling everyone, my mom's freaking out and they won't tell me where he is because I didn't have joint legal rights."

According to Jon, the officers alleged that Collin has accused Kate being abusive, but it was not clear what the nature of the abuse may have been.

Eventually, Jon was awarded primary custody of Collin, and later his daughter Hannah as well. The state of his relationship with his other children is unknown.

"I think Kate has really poisoned my children's minds against me," Jon told the Daily Mail, then adding, "She's put stuff in their minds about my personality. I never cheated on my wife, I'm not a monster, I love my children more than anything."


At this time, there do not appear to be confirmed reports of Jon securing his own reality TV series.

Photo Credit: Getty Images