Kardashian Sisters' Calvin Klein Campaign Photos Baffle Fans

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters shared a new Calvin Klein campaign photo, which features some baffling and poor Photoshopping, confusing fans painstakingly putting the Kardashian timeline together.

calvin klein kardashians
(Photo: Calvin Klein)

Kim Kardashian posted the photo Wednesday. It shows a pregnant Khloe Kardashian and Kim only wearing Calvin Klein underwear, while Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are wearing pants. Kendall Jenner is the only fully-clothed sister in the shot, which really confused everyone. Also, why is she standing askew when the other sisters are standing straight up?

Another odd problem is Kourtney's bizarrely tiny right arm. Why did someone feel the need to shrink her arm?

calvin klein kourtney arm
(Photo: Calvin Klein)

For those who follow the Kardashians' every move, the most baffling part of the photo was trying to put it in the Kardashian timeline.

When was the photo really taken? Khloe is still pregnant in the photo, but Kylie is not. That means the photo had to be taken between Feb. 1, when Kylie's daughter Stormi Webster was born, and April 12, when Khloe's daughter True Thompson was born.

Kylie claims the photos in the new shoot were taken three weeks after Stormi was born. In the photo she shared, the five Kardashian sisters are near a tree, with Kylie and Khloe sitting on a blanket.

calvin klein kardashians 2
(Photo: Calvin Klein)

"Shot this beautiful campaign for [Calvin Klein] by [Willy Vanderperre] just 3 weeks after i gave birth! #ad I also love that baby true joined us for the shoot. Such special pics," she wrote.

Khloe also posted footage from the photo shoot, edited for a commercial. The date on the video is March 13 and it appears that Kylie is the one pushing Khloe in a swing.

One fan wondered if Khloe and Kylie were pregnant at the same time the photos were taken. However, Khloe's responses only add to the confusion.

"She just had her baby a few months before. Check the time stamp on my video babe," Khloe wrote, notes Comments By Celebs.

"Interesting [because] Kylie said it was only 3 WEEKS before not months," another fan replied.

"There is more detective work happening in these comments than an episode of Snapped," model Chrissy Teigen chimed in.

Notably, March 13 is more than three weeks after Feb. 1, but less than a "few months" before April 12.


This is not the first time a Kardashian Calvin Klein advertisement has been blasted by Internet sleuths. Fans insisted there was a stand-in for Kim, while Kylie noticeably hid her pregnancy from the cameras.

Photo credit: Calvin Klein