Kailyn Lowry’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims She Cheated on Her With 3 Men

Kailyn Lowry's alleged ex-girlfriend Dominique Potter claims that the Teen Mom 2 star not only [...]

Kailyn Lowry's alleged ex-girlfriend Dominique Potter claims that the Teen Mom 2 star not only cheated on her with ex-husband Javi Marroquin along with two other men, but that her infidelities caused her to seek out an STI test.

During a recent TRL: Teen Mom After the Show, Lowry denied the two ever had a sexual relationship during her seven-month romance with Potter, saying, "It was a situation-ship. If we dated for less than six months and never had sex, you were just my friend. We never hooked up, we never had sex, so you were my girlfriend? I don't think a peck on the cheek or lips is anything."

But in an interview with Radar published Thursday, Potter, 23, claimed that Lowry was lying about their physical relationship.

"We didn't have sex? That's offensive," Potter said. "She was my girlfriend. You're going to air on TV you're single and you've been single for 9 months? She can't keep her story straight. I was so hurt."

Potter added that after dating Lowry since November 2017, the two ended things in May when the mother of three cheated on her with her ex, Marroquin. Lowry has not addressed the cheating allegations directly, but has admitted to hooking up with Marroquin in January, when she and Potter were allegedly still together.

Potter added that she believes Lowry also cheated with her baby daddy Chris Lopez and a man she met on vacation while the two were dating. It was because of these suspicions that she went to get tested for sexually transmitted infections.

"She didn't even know I got tested," Potter explained. "If I'm going to be with somebody and take it as far as intimacy with them… Something in my gut I had to get checked. I had no problem doing that."

She added that the tests came back with a "negative result," and that she was given a clean bill of health.

Last week, Potter told Radar, "She did cheat on me with Javi. That was out of her own mouth. She said they hooked up. She said they even discussed hooking up. She said, 'I messed up, I f—ed up.' She hasn't tried to apologize."

Lowry has addressed her relationship with Potter on Twitter in the past.

"Dom & I dating – I wasn't trying to deny her or a relationship," she tweeted. "We had fun while it lasted but things didn't work out. I've learned a lot over the years and wanted to keep things private & off the show but I don't think I really handled it properly."

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Photo credit: Instagram / Kailyn Lowry