Judge Judy Reveals New Hairdo and Fans Are Loving It

Judge Judy unveiled her new hairdo on Monday, and fans are loving the look.Judge Judy switched up [...]

Judge Judy unveiled her new hairdo on Monday, and fans are loving the look.

Judge Judy switched up her hairstyle for the first time in 22 years this week, ditching her signature bob. The TV judge is 76 years old, but she showed she is not shy about trying new things. She wore her new, longer locks tied back in a low ponytail, and fans thought it was a great new look for her.

"I just want to take a minute and appreciate Judge Judy's new hairstyle," one fan tweeted.

"I. Am. Shook," added another. "Judge Judy has a new do and I don't know how I feel about it."

"I think it looks great. Very RBG!" a third fan wrote.

"She looks refreshed and happy," someone observed. "A strong look for warmer weather. She's ready to wear a shapeless caftan (perhaps a summer version of her judges robe??) in the Italian countryside."

Judge Judy, whose real full name is Judy Sheindlin, has built an empire off of her snarky quips on daytime TV. In all that time, she has worn her hair in more or less the same style. The judge's appearance has not changed much, as she sports the same auspicious black robe in every episode as well. Even her diamond earrings are pretty consistent.

Out of the courtroom, however, Sheindlin has mixed it up before. She has been sighted walking around Los Angeles, California with a simple ponytail like on Monday's show before. In those cases, the judge was practically in disguise, as fans were less likely to recognize her without the bob, robe and gavel.

As subtle as it might seem, losing the bob on TV might have been in the works for a while. According to a report by Refinery29, Judge Judy's bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, shared a photo of her with the ponytail on set back in February.

"Change is Good," he wrote.

He seems to be right, as fans were in favor of the new look. Many even compared Sheindlin to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg -- the highest office in the judicial branch of the government. If ever there was a compliment for a judge, that has to be it.

Of course, not everyone welcomed the change. Judge Judy has been on the air since 1996, and for many she is a stable force in an otherwise changing world. Seeing the slight shift in her appearance was upsetting to a few viewers, who voiced their discontent on Twitter.

"Since when did Judge Judy start wearing her hair like Thomas Jefferson?" one person wrote.

"I love my [Judge Judy] but the Ruth Badere (sic) Ginsberg inspired hairdo has to go. Just sayin'," added another.

Judge Judy airs on Mondays at 12:35 p.m. ET on ABC.