Josh Duggar's Cousin Rails Against Jim Bob and Michelle for Covering up His Past

Josh Duggar's cousin Amy Duggar is answering fans' questions about why she didn't speak out regarding Josh's alleged sexual attraction to children on Twitter, telling her followers that she wasn't aware of the situation despite her close ties to the large family. "I did nothing about it .. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW. When we asked where a certain individual was years ago- we were told that he was at a camp helping an organization build homes," she tweeted on Wednesday. 

She continued in a series of follow-up tweets, adding: "I want to explain that I simply was kept away from what was happening. I never knew about any abuse taking place. I thought he went to this camp and wanted to help people simply because he just wanted to do a good deed."

"Just setting another record straight. Felt like my followers deserve the truth and I'll continue to be honest with all of y'all," she went on to share that she wasn't the only person kept in the dark by the Duggar family's story to protect their son. "My mom [Deanna Duggar] was lied to as well, and was never told the truth over and over again. The division taking place that you currently see was a long time coming, it was not an abrupt decision."

The story Amy refers to is in regards to the 2006 Duggar family scandal, in which Josh publicly admitted and apologized for molesting several of his young sisters as well as a young babysitter in the family's home. Following his admission, Josh was sent away from the family for a period of time, during which Amy says she and her mother were fed the other tale from Josh's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. As he prepares for court next week, where he's charged with two counts of possession of child pornography, Josh's lawyers are now claiming he may never have inappropriately touched his sisters at all

After the prosecution filed documents requesting to bring up the previous indiscretion in court, Josh's attorneys filed paperwork in response saying that because charges were never filed on the issue, it's likely that it couldn't have happened.  "There is no question the allegations at issue arise at a time when Duggar was a child and the allegations at issue in this case arise at a time when Duggar was in his 30's," the documents read. "Furthermore, there is no question Duggar was never charged with a crime related to those allegations."


"The Report is heavily redacted and, importantly, includes no names or dates of birth of anyone involved making it exceedingly difficult for anyone, much less this Court in ruling on the application of Rule 414, to determine whether Duggar actually committed the acts alleged in the Report and whether the conduct, if committed, constituted a crime, particularly in light of the affirmative defenses clearly set out in the statute," the documents said.