Josh Duggar's Company Held in Contempt of Court in Lawsuit

Josh Duggar's company, ALB Investments, LLC, was held in contempt of court Monday as part of an ongoing real estate legal battle, according to Fox News. The former 19 Kids and Counting star's company was ruled to be in contempt by the judge of a Monday hearing after being ordered to show cause in a lawsuit filed by Arkansas resident Carl Echols, court records obtained by the outlet show.

Echols first filed the lawsuit against his cousin, Edward L. Lewis, and Duggar's company in April, claiming he purchased a property from Lewis for $17,500 in the early 2000s that Duggar later purchased years later for $1,000 without his knowledge. Echols has accused Lewis of fraud and breach of contract and reportedly sued Duggar's company for quiet title.

Kesha Chiappinelli, an attorney representing Echols, told Fox News, "So far in the discovery process, we asked for the names of all of the members of ALB Investments. The attorney would not answer that question. He said Josh Duggar is the only member of ALB Investments who knew about this issue."

Monday, however, Chiappinelli told the outlet that the judge assigned to the case learned more than just Duggar in the company allegedly also had knowledge of the situation.

"The goal is just to get answers from ALB Investments," she explained, saying her client had been waiting on answers from the business for three months.

If Duggar does not meet the new deadline set by the judge to answer said questions, Chiappinelli explained there will be a body attachment issued," which she explained was similar to an arrest warrant.

This isn't the only legal issue Duggar is involved in at this point, as back in November, Homeland Security agents paid a visit to the Arkansas car dealership where he works, TMZ confirmed with the agency. Nothing has been released publicly about the investigation at this point.


Photo credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images