Jon Gosselin Reportedly Upset Over How Kate Treats Special Needs Son

Former reality couple Jon and Kate Gosselin are reportedly battling over the treatment of their special needs son.

A source close to Jon told HollywoodLife that the father was devastated after Kate left their 13-year-old son Collin — who has special needs — out of the family's Halloween festivities.

"The way Kate is handling things with Collin breaks Jon's heart but he has no say," the source said. "She controls everything, it's her way or the highway when it comes to the kids, including Collin."

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"When he saw that Kate left Collin out of Halloween, that his son was missing yet another family celebration, Jon broke down and cried. He hates that she's doing this to Collin and feels so helpless to stop her," the insider continued.

Kate has identified Collin as having "behavioral problems" and enrolled him in a live-in program away from home for proper treatment.

Meanwhile, Jon hopes the latest incident will work in his favor. "He's praying that the judge will side with him at their next custody hearing," the source added.

The Gosselin parents divorced in 2009, but the battle for custody of their twins Madelyn and Cara, 16, and 13-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah, is ongoing.

Recently, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 parents had an issue when daughter Hannah refused to leave her father's side during a custody exchange. The incident ended with Hannah being taken to the hospital, the site reported.

Earlier this year, Jon revealed he was working as a stripper at a nightclub, but he has since worked to overhaul his lifestyle for his children's sake. The source said he had locked down a steady job as an I.T. administrator but adds DJ gigs in when his schedule allows.

"Jon's one and only goal in life right now is getting more time with his kids," the insider said. "He's doing everything he can to win their next custody battle."

The former reality TV patriarch is hopeful his ex-wife will see him as a fit father, not for their relationship, but for his bond with his children.

"He's really hopeful that this will help him get more time with his kids," the source said.


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