Watch: Kate Gosselin on Her Kids: 'They Want a Dad Who's There for Them'

Kate Gosselin appeared on The Dr. Oz Show for an interview that is set to air on Thursday, Dec. 15. The reality TV star opened up about her ex-husband and how her kids dealt with their divorce, Us Weekly reports.

“They want a dad who’s there for them,” the 41-year-old mom tells Dr. Oz of ex-husband Jon Gosselin. “If I’m gonna be really honest, there was kind of the old Jon and the new Jon and none of us can quite understand, like, what happened there. So we struggled together. I mean, they coined it years ago, old daddy and new daddy. That’s understandable, but, like, hard to kind of digest for all of us.”

Jon and Kate went through a very messy and public divorce in 2009 and are now completely estranged.

The Kate Plus 8 star spoke about her children’s relationship with Jon during an interview with Extra. “I support the kids and their relationship [with him] — some visit, some choose not to, some visit sometimes,” she said. “I support them and what they want so they can be happy and whole.”

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