John-David Duggar's First Kiss Is the Most Cringeworthy 'Counting On' Moment Yet

John-David Duggar is the latest member of his family to tie the knot, and like his siblings, he waited to share his first kiss with his bride until they were officially pronounced husband and wife.

Duggar married Abbie Grace Burnett on Nov. 3, and the big day was chronicled for the Duggar children's TLC series, Counting On, with the episode airing on Tuesday. As part of the wedding, the two shared their first kiss, and it was possibly the most awkward Duggar moment yet.

After the pastor told Duggar he could kiss Burnett, the 28-year-old didn't go straight for his bride's lips, first kissing her left then right hands, her left and right shoulders, her forehead and both her cheeks before finally giving her a passionate kiss on the lips, garnering laughs from those assembled during the process. (See the full moment in the second part of the couple's wedding special starting at around the nine-minute mark.)

The smooch was Duggar's first, as the family does not allow its members to kiss anyone until their wedding day. Duggar and Burnett wed after courting for about four months, which is the Duggar family's version of dating.

Ahead of their wedding, both Duggar and Burnett expressed their excitement for the big day.

"We are very excited," Duggar said. "Just the thought of knowing that, 'Hey, within a few hours I'm gonna see Abby walking in her beautiful wedding dress and then I'm gonna get to say 'I do' to her.'"

Burnett added, "It's hard to believe my big day is finally here."

While getting ready, the bride revealed that she had never really pictured herself walking down the aisle.

"I was always saying I wouldn't get married and stuff," she recalled. "And they're like, 'Yes you will!' and I was like 'Nope.'"

"I remember you saying that," her friend chimed in. "I was like, 'Abby, Prince Charming is gonna come.'"

Burnett is a geriatric nurse, and she and her husband met at a church in Oklahoma where Duggar's parents were speaking and signing books. They began texting, and two weeks later, in May, Burnett was being introduced to the Duggar family as John-David's girlfriend.


The duo's wedding featured a performance by John-David's brother Josiah and his wife, Lauren, as well as a drone that was on hand to deliver the couple's rings. John-David is now the eighth Duggar sibling to have tied the knot.

Photo Credit: TLC