John-David Duggar Announces His Courtship

There's another Duggar wedding on the books! John-David Duggar is courting girlfriend Abbie Grace Burnett, the couple confirmed on their family website Tuesday.

"Abbie and I are just so excited, we've known of each other for several years," the 28-year-old Counting On star said in a TLC video announcing their courtship. "We fell in love very quickly and it's been a wonderful journey thus far," he added.

Abbie, 26, revealed that their love began when John flew into her home state of Oklahoma for a church event a couple of months ago.

"We really got connected then," she said, adding that their decision to move forward with the courtship came after "a lot of prayer, a lot of counsel, and a lot of time together."

At 28, John-David had been the oldest Duggar son not to announce his courtship or marriage.

Brother Josiah, 21, announced in January that he was courting girlfriend Lauren Swanson, and in March, the couple announced they were moving forward with their engagement.

"This is an exciting, big step in our lives, and the whole thing was very meaningful," Josiah told Us Weekly of the proposal. "The place where I proposed to Lauren is the exact spot where her parents were engaged. There's a lot of family history on this property, making it a special place for Lauren."

Mom and dad Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were quick to offer their congratulations to Josiah and Lauren in a video on their family blog.

"We are so excited for Josiah and Lauren. We love Lauren, she is such a precious girl," Michelle said. I think of Proverbs 31 and I think of Lauren. She definitely has all of those fruits that you would look for in a godly woman and I know Josiah feel honored that you have accepted him as your fiance. How exciting!"

Patriarch Jim Bob also shared his congratulations and compared his son's feelings to his own when he proposed to Michelle 34 years ago: "I remember, Michelle, when I asked you to marry me and you accepted, I felt like I was just so blessed, the most blessed man on earth and I know that's the way Josiah feels. Scripture says, 'He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.' And so we're so excited about a future new daughter in law here and welcome to the family."


Congratulations to all the happy Duggar couples!

Photo credit: Duggar Family