'The Masked Singer': Joel McHale Speaks out on Cluedle-Doo Speculation (Exclusive)

After five seasons, The Masked Singer remains one of network television’s most beloved shows, [...]

After five seasons, The Masked Singer remains one of network television's most beloved shows, and for a good reason. Between the judges and mysterious roster of talent belting their hearts out, the series features celebrities facing off against one another with twist after twist. But as the show breaks ground for reality TV programming, The Masked Singer introduced a new character this year meant to ruffle up a few feathers! Enter Cluedle-Doo, a rooster dressed up to look like a court jester who interrupts the show to reveal a clue about a specific performer.

Following the "Super 8 — The Plot Chickens!" episode, The Masked Singer introduced the masked mischief-maker known as Cluedle-Doo. Sporting a shirt made of black and white patterns and a ruffled collar at the neck, the celebrity behind the mask is said to be a "big celebrity," but also has many fans speculating it's actor and comedian Joel McHale. In an exclusive with PopCulture for a big announcement with the star dropping Thursday morning, McHale speaks out on the guesswork, neither confirming nor denying the claims.

"I would like to say, [Cluedle-Doo's] the greatest singer in Masked Singer history. Let's go with that. Right?" McHale told PopCulture. After sharing how Cluedle-Doo has not sung anything on stage just yet, the 49-year-old star of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen retorts, "Right. I mean the way he sounds, right? […] He sings, right? I don't know how Masked Singer works."

Explaining to him who Cluedle-Doo is and how the masked character gives the judges a hard time with the clues, including his friend and Community co-star, Ken Jeong, McHale adds how "he's never gotten" any of the clues right. "I don't know how he remains on that show," McHale quipped. "Yeah, no, I cannot confirm or deny anything, but I will say, Ken Jeong, he needs to stop wearing all the satin letterman jackets because Grease called and would like their coats back." McHale later teases Jeong's "stylist is going to have [him] shot" for such a critique.

Aside from McHale being guessed as Cluedle-Doo, other predictions have pointed this past season to Donnie Wahlberg (the husband of judge, Jenny McCarthy), Jason Biggs, Tom Hiddleston, Terry Crews and Bruce Willis. During last week's episode, guest judge Rob Riggle guessed Jamie Foxx, which might be another good guess considering the new season of Foxx's musical competition, Beat Shazam, premieres June 3 on FOX.

Cluedle-Doo's identity will be revealed during Wednesday night's show during the Top 4 showdown airing May 19 on FOX. Follow along with all of the action when it airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. PopCulture readers can watch the show live via FuboTV with a free trial. If you miss the live shows, all episodes will be available on Hulu the day after they air.

For more with Joel, stay tuned to PopCulture.com and keep it locked right here this Thursday, May 20 where we share a special announcement with the beloved actor and comedian.

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