Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Accused of Animal Abuse Over Newly Posted Photo

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are facing accusations of animal abuse after they shared a new photo of their 1-year-old daughter Felicity. Concern among some fans was sparked on Thursday, Aug. 15 after the Counting On couple took to Instagram to share their newest adventure in their new home city of Los Angeles, California, sharing a photo of 1-year-old daughter Felicity chomping down on some ribs.

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👶🏻 + @ribsagainstthemachine = felicity.

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The seemingly innocent photo, showing a task that many people before, and plenty more after, will go about doing themselves, quickly sparked calls in the comments section of animal abuse.

“Please think about the animal that was badly beaten in the face then shot, so you could post a picture of your daughter on instagram eating ribs,” one person wrote.

“Will you teach her to be kind to animals?” another asked.

“This part of meat once was also a living creature with need to live as this little girl also wants. Not wish he was dead to be eaten,” wrote a third.

As the comments continued, several fans jumped to the couple’s defense, slamming the “vegan police” for criticizing the couple’s decision to allow their daughter to eat meat.

“Here we go with the Vegan police!!!” one commented.

“1. How do you know for certain where and how this restaurant even gets their meat products. 2. You can eat meat and care about animals and the environment,” another listed off. “2.5 Its a BABY nibbling a bone. She’s not eating a rack by herself. 3. It is up to them what manner they wish to raise their child. 3.5 It’s a BABY.”

“Dear everyone offended by her eating meat, get a life,” commented another.

Unfortunately, the incident marked the second time in just a matter of days that a member of the growing Duggar family has faced such accusations. On Tuesday, Anna Duggar, who is married to Josh Duggar, faced accusations that her son Marcus was mistreating an animal after she shared photos from his and brother Michael’s week away.

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“You don’t hold a newt like that,” one person wrote in the comments section, referring to the first photo in the gallery. “You hold it gently in the middle of your palm.”


Duggar, however, was quick to shutdown the criticism, responding by writing, “Marcus couldn’t quite figure out how to hold his fish so he held the artificial lure instead. I wouldn’t let my kids use a real salamander for fishing bait [catch and release].”

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo’s newest photo of their 1-year-old daughter Felicity has sparked concern, with some fans accusing the couple of animal abuse.