Jill Duggar Reveals Full Home Tour Video of New House for Fans

Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard have a new home, and they were eager to show it off to fans. The Counting On alums shared a video on YouTube giving a full tour of their sweet new digs.

Duggar said in the clip that she wanted to film a tour for fans, but was waiting until it was fully decorated to do it. Followers continued to ask for a tour, though, so she decided to give in earlier than planned.

The tour video opened with Israel greeting fans at the front door with a huge smile before running off into another part of the house. Duggar started the tour with the living room, which featured a few plush leather couches, some wall art and an extensive collection of children's books. A piano could also be seen in the video, topped with flowers and family photos.

Duggar, 28, revealed in the YouTube clip her and Dillard's new house is a "four bedroom, two bathroom home." One of the bedrooms was converted into an office for Dillard to use for "studying at home." His office is complete with a child lock "so that the boys can't come in."

While showing off the kitchen, the former TLC personality said she wanted her house "open" so she could see what's going on in the living room from the kitchen and the backyard. The backyard wasn't quite tour-ready, as Duggar noted in the video. A fire pit and other children's toys were shown piled on the cement deck, which Duggar said was temporary while she and her husband worked to get settled.

Duggar and Dillard's children made several appearances in the video. They even helped her show off their sparsely-decorated room. The boys are currently sharing a room, with another room designated as a guest bedroom according to Duggar's video.

Though she did not say as much in the YouTube post, fans speculate based on the video that she and Dillard may be done having children. The bedroom designation signaled to some that they weren't planning any more kids — at least not yet. To do so, they'd have to give up their guest bedroom, which would undoubtedly be a bit of a pain. Still, there's potential for a changed should it become necessary in the future.

This isn't the first fans have speculated that Duggar and Dillard would keep their family small. Some believe that because she had such a difficult delivery with her first child, which lasted 70 hours and ended in an emergency C-section. She had another C-section with son Samuel.

Duggar recently seemingly confirmed in an Instagram Live video on Thursday, July 18, that if she and Dillard did have another child, it wouldn't be this year.

"Are you pregnant?" Dillard asked his wife. She initially appeared offended, so he clarified, "I wasn't saying that! Somebody else [in the comments] was asking if you were pregnant."

"Jill's not pregnant," he said to the camera. "We're not going to be pregnant this year."

The couple may not be on the same page about that, however.

"Well, how do you know?" Duggar asked her husband, to which he replied, "I don't know but, I mean. There isn't anything you're not telling me is there?"


"We're definitely not having a baby this year. That's biologically, pretty much impossible," Dillard continued.

He then joked, "How many kids do we want? We want at least two."