Fans Take Jill Duggar Dillard to Task After Her Latest Picture

Jill Dillard meant to spread some awareness when she shared an Instagram photo on Thursday, but fans were quick to take the reality personality to task after noticing a spelling error in the shot.

Dillard posted a snapshot of her hand, on which was written "Afganistan — 3, Albania — 1," a reference to prayers she was sending out.

"Praying for these students today who are represented at the University of Arkansas this year," Dillard wrote.

Eagle-eyed commenters were quick to note that Dillard had spelled Afghanistan wrong, omitting the "h" in the country's name.

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"If you are to symbolize a cause or support something in a photograph, then one should make sure the spelling is correct," wrote one person.

"At the very least, you could have spelled Afghanistan correctly," added another.

Several pointed to the fact that Dillard was homeschooled as evidence for her spelling mistake.

"Looks like the ATI school of the dining room table has really paid off!" read one comment.

Dillard also had her fair share of supporters in the comments.

"Because misspelling a word is so wrong? Lol people will find any reason to criticize another person," one person wrote.


"I went to a "real school" and can't correctly spell "Afghanistan" without looking it up...," added another.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jillmdillard