'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Calls out YouTube Personality Brooke Houts With NSFW Remark

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino slammed YouTube star Brooke Houts with an NSFW comment on Twitter Thursday, with many of his followers shocked by what they saw. Houts has come under fire for appearing to abuse a dog in a video she claims was accidentally uploaded and does not show her abusing her Doberman. Houts will reportedly keep custody of the dog while authorities investigate her for animal abuse.

"Wow what a c—," Guadagnino tweeted. He included a tweet critical of Houts' video, which has since been removed from her YouTube page.

Earlier this week, Houts published a video titled "Plastic wrap prank on my Doberman," in which she is seen yelling at and slapping her dog, named Sphyinx. At one point, she appears to be spitting at the dog and shoves him when he tries to get close to her.

After being called out on social media by Twitter users and even fellow YouTube personalities, Houts pulled the video from her page. She also issued a long statement on Twitter.

“I’m clearly actually frustrated [in the video]. That being said, this does NOT justify me yelling at my dog in the way that I did, and I’m fully aware of that," Houts wrote. "Should I have gotten as angry as I did in the video? No. Should I have raised my voice and yelled at him? No. However, when my 75 lb. Doberman is jumping up in my face with his mouth open, I do, as a dog parent, have to show him that this behavior is unacceptable.”

On Friday, TMZ reported that law enforcement officials will investigate Houts on allegations of animal abuse, but they do not plan to take Sphinx from her custody during the investigation. Investigators do not feel that Sphinx is in any danger at the moment, sources told TMZ.

Guadagnino's followers were horrified by the video and wondered how anyone could do that to their dog.

"It’s just good to know that that huge dog could absolutely destroy her if it wanted to," one person wrote.

"Her apology pissed me off even more," another fan wrote.

"I saw this yesterday too so terrible I heard she’s being investigated for it tho," another Twitter user wrote. "I hope they take the dog from her but if you go to her page she’s actually defending herself saying she’s a good dog mom and we should see how many toys she buys her dog so terrible breaks my [heart]."


Guadagnino can now be seen on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, which airs Thursdays on MTV at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images