'Jersey Shore' Star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Describes 'Car Chase' Low Point of His Addiction

Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino may have tied the knot with longtime sweetheart Lauren Pesce just last week, but the newlywed recalls trying to "escape" from his now-wife while in the throes of his addiction.

In Thursday's episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Sorrentino opened up about a low point in his process of getting sober from his prescription painkiller addiction to Jenni "JWoww" Farley while on the way to volunteer at a local rehabilitation facility that once served the MTV star.

"There was one time I was attempting to get sober and I had a doctor and a nurse at my house," he recalled. "They were detoxing me, and after four or five days, I had the 'f— its,' they call it. Where you're like, 'F— it, I don't want this anymore. I want to go party, I want to feel better.'"

Sorrentino continued, saying he jumped into his car and drove away, but Pesce wasn't about to let him give up that easy. She jumped into her own car and began to chase after him.

"I was trying to get away from her, so there was a bit of speeding going on, a little bit of a car chase," he said. "Eventually, a cop pulled up beside me and I actually said to the cop that there was a crazy fan following me. He just didn't entertain it. He was like, 'Mike, you're crazy.' But I actually said that about my girlfriend, who was behind me trying to help me."

"That's a good story for people to hear, because those were my crazy times," he said of telling that story now, more than 30 months sober. "But I could not escape her. She was determined. I turned around and went home and I went through the detox process."

"I love Lauren more and more," Farley said after hearing the story. "She just stuck by his side. She would not quit on Mike, and honestly, that is so freaking wonderful."

Once at the Discovery Institute, Sorrentino and Farley met with a candidate for the center's scholarship program, which, with Sorrentino's assistance, awards detox and residential treatment scholarships to people trying to get clean from addiction.

"The Situation used to do club appearances, but now The Situation is The Inspiration. Every single month, at different rehabs, I share my experience just to help the recovery community," Sorrentino said of the program. "When I do this, not only is it one of my biggest accomplishments, but giving back, actually, you're helping yourself, and I didn't even know that. So it's really so dope."

"I'm very proud of myself. I didn't think that I'd ever get through it," he continued. "I never thought in a million years that I would be the person that I am today."


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Photo credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV