'Jersey Shore' Star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Posts Adorable Snow Day Video With Son Greyson

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is living in a winter wonderland with her 3-year-old son Greyson! Sharing a video of the little boy enjoying the recent snow near their home, throwing snowballs at his mom and proclaiming the dusting must have come from "angels," the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star couldn't have been happier to be spending quality time with her youngest, who has shown incredible progress in his speech since being diagnosed with autism a year ago.

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"Can't wait for another snow day with Greyson!" Farley captioned the videos she shared to Instagram Thursday.

Commenters were quick to cheer on the little boy for his increasing verbiage, with one writing, "[Oh my God] did he say angels??"

Farley was quick to respond with her own shock at the new word, writing, "I think so! I almost fell over!"

Since being diagnosed at age 2, Farley told Us Weekly that early intervention therapy, in conjunction with a number of other treatments, have been key for her son, who was previously nonverbal.

"He has the best therapists," she said. "He's in four or five different therapies, but he is just kicking ass. Every day gets better. Every day he's learning something new... It went from, he didn't know one word or understand a word in September to now, it's March and he's combining two, three-word sentences. [He does] sign language. He knows his colors, his numbers."

That doesn't mean it's easy going for Farley, who revealed just before Christmas a particularly hard night she had with her son.

"My sweet [Greyson] took 45 minutes to calm down tonight... all because I didn't pick him up in the exact spot he needed me to and he couldn't continue the night unless I did," Farley wrote. "Lately, Greyson has been experiencing OCD tendencies. Not sure if they are related to his ASD or just overlap. He cannot continue anything until it's redone the way he wants. Whether it's dressing himself, making his own drinks, or walking a certain way... it has to be 'Greyson do.' It's fine sometimes, but as his mom I have to break him of these habits before it affects him socially."

Farley knew it was best for her to not give in and keep trying to pick him up the way he wanted, but noted she was "ready in open arms when he was ready to give in."

"Sometimes it takes 5 seconds... sometimes it takes an hour. Every time breaks my heart but I'll never give in," she wrote. "If I give in, he will just up the level next time. One day he will learn and grow up to be an incredible adult. Until then, mama will be right by your side helping your every step. So Greyson, hoping one day you will read this and know Mommy never gave up."


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