'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Shows Jen Harley Attacking Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama drama turned violent during a very dark episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Ron's relationship with the mother of his daughter, Jen Harley, took up a large portion of the reboot's first season earlier this year as the former hard partying reality star had to deal with the reality of becoming a father with a woman he wasn't sure he loved.

This season, however, Ron and his girlfriend appeared to be on good terms — too good, his co-stars thought, based on the vicious social media fight everyone had witnessed go down just weeks before filming started. But at the end of last week's episode, Ronnie revealed that things between him and the mother of his child had been everything but good, with her often threatening to take baby Ariana from him and allegedly withholding the infant from her father.

Breaking down in Thursday's all-new episode, Ron's roommate Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio tried to calm down his panicked friend, who broke down sobbing in the hallway of their Las Vegas suite.

"I'm only away from my kid because she takes her from me constantly," he said, adding later, "She's crazy. I'm more mad at myself."

Pauly D, who went through issues with his baby mama years ago before learning to successfully co-parent, advised the MTV star to leave Jen and file for his custodial rights.

"All you are is a good dad trying to be with his daughter, but look how hard she's f—ing making it," he told Ron, telling the camera, "I've known Ronnie for years now, and he seems scared of his baby mama. I don't blame him, I'd be scared of her too."

He added, "Ronnie always talked about having that perfect life, but you can't force love. You can't."

Ron agreed to go see a lawyer about his paternal rights, saying he didn't want to raise his daughter in such an "unstable" environment and wanted to fix himself before thinking about reconciling.

Things were calm for a while as the crew tried to get back into the Vegas spirit, but when Jen showed up unexpectedly looking for her boyfriend, things took a left turn almost immediately. Jen told the Jersey Shore cast that she only blocked her beau and kept him from the baby because he allegedly texted her 300+ times calling her names.

But Pauly D wasn't having it, telling her that clearly both of them were "toxic" based on the things the two have admittedly done to one another. Jen agreed to leave temporarily, yelling at the cast and producers that they were "f—ed up" and saying she would come back for Ron later.

When he returned from the lawyer's office, however, things were not as calm as he had hoped they could be. In the last few moments of Thursday's episode, confronted him about his texts, screaming in his face and hitting him before a producer stepped in to call the police.

"You're a f—ing psychopath!" she yelled at him, hitting him again. "You're a piece of s—!"

She continued, as the scene faded away, "I don't give a f—, I'll got to jail!"

Since this all went down, Jen was arrested again on domestic battery allegations after allegedly dragging Ron behind her car while in the middle of a fight this June. No charges were pressed in the end, and the couple appears to be back together, posting loving photos of each other together on social media.


We hope the worst is over for the couple!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.