Jenny McCarthy Reacts After Wendy Williams Implied She Gets Lip Injections on 'The Masked Singer'

Jenny McCarthy is shaking off the shade from Wendy Williams after the talk show host implied she had gotten lip injections during her elimination on The Masked Singer last week. Having been voted off the FOX singing competition after performing as a giant pair of lips, Williams singled out McCarthy on the judging panel as another star who had gotten filler injected.

"Why not? They’re sexy and when I do get my filler, they’re this big before they deflate," Williams told host Nick Cannon when asked why she had dressed as lips. "Jenny, you know what I’m talking about!" McCarthy laughed off the comment during the show, pursing her lips and asking, "What are you talking about?"

A week later, however, the actress revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she actually doesn't have filler in her lips, making it easy to brush off Williams' shade. "First of all, Wendy was a hoot and that was one of the reasons I love about the show," McCarthy told a viewer who asked about the moment. "You just never know who you’re going to get and it’s not just a singing competition. It’s an entertainment show."

"People said she threw shade at my lips. I didn’t even take it as shade because I don’t put anything in my lips. But bring it! I’ve heard way worse stuff about my lips," she continued. McCarthy has been open about her use of Botox over the years, telling Life & Style Magazine that she was an "obvious" enthusiast of the injectable.


Meanwhile, Williams said she was "relieved" to have gotten to at least perform one song before being sent home in an interview with PEOPLE. "I was relieved to have at least done one," the Wendy Williams Show host said after her elimination "Because normally that's something I don't do. I'm not a singer. I'm not a dancer. I talk. That's what I do. That's why I chose the Lips. But everybody was so kind."

It was a tough secret to keep from Cannon, who is also Williams' friend, but the TV host said she managed not to let it slip she was performing on his show during a recent phone call. During the show, however, her voice was a dead giveaway. "He knew right away," Williams admitted. "After I finished singing, you leave and sit on the couch, and then Nick comes out. He's supposed to talk to the contestant who just sang. While he was walking to the couch, he's like, 'I know exactly who this is.'"