Jenni 'JWoww' Farley's Ex Roger Mathews Claims Couple Is 'Working on Things'

Jenni “JWoww” Farley may have filed for divorce from husband Roger Mathews, but the couple is [...]

Jenni "JWoww" Farley may have filed for divorce from husband Roger Mathews, but the couple is reportedly "working on things" as divorce proceedings move forward.

Speaking to Us Weekly at DreamWorks Trolls the Experience in New York City on Wednesday, November 14, Matthews revealed that not all hope is lost for the couple, who share 4-year-old daughter Meilani Alexandra and 2-year-old son Greyson.

"We're here as a family today," Mathews told the outlet at the event, which he attended with Farley and their children. "We're working on things yeah, absolutely. We spent eight years together so … I feel like there's nothing that's not fixable in our situation."

Farley, who said that they are "always a family" despite the recent rift in their relationship, added that they are spending Thanksgiving together.

After nearly three years of marriage, Farley filed for divorce from Mathews in September, citing irreconcilable differences in their marriage. It was also reported at the time that she was seeking primary residential custody of their two children as well as child support and health insurance from Mathews. She also requested to be listed as a trustee on life insurance policies on each of their children.

After the divorce filings made headlines, Mathews vowed to win Farley back, writing a lengthy post on Instagram.

"My wife filed for divorce, it's true," he said. "I don't blame her. There's no cheating or any dumb s— or any juicy details. She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into… and [it was] not a good one."

"Here's what's also true: I'm not done fighting. I'm gonna win my wife back; I'm gonna win her affection back; I'm gonna win her love back. I have no intentions of being a single dad," he continued. "We're in counseling so there is hope...It ain't over till the fat lady sings."

On Tuesday, however, Mathews raised eyebrows after he wrote on Instagram that the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star finds him "repulsive." He clarified the statement to Us Weekly, claiming that he was only joking.

"We saw that on the way up here. I hesitate to make a comment because it seems like everything is taken out of context but I'm a real comedian. So don't take anything I say serious," he said. "don't get upset, it comes with the territory. I know what I signed up for but I just think we live in a world with fake news where people put out stuff that's not true to get listeners to tune in or read or whatever. We know what's going on in our own house and that's all that matters. If the world wants to judge, the world can judge."

Since the divorce filings, the couple has had multiple reunions, though the divorce is reportedly still proceeding.