Jenelle Evans' Mom Responds to Child Abuse Allegations

Jenelle Evans recently called 911 to claim her mother, Barbara Evans, was abusing her son Jace, and now Barbara is responding to those child abuse allegations.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member claimed that Jace called her crying because his grandmother was abusing him. According to Radar Online, Barbara simply says that isn't accurate.

"Jace had been having a meltdown. He has ADHD and his medication was starting to wear off. He was just so upset, throwing toys at me and kicking the walls," Barbara told the outlet.

"By the time the police came he was calm. I told them he's having a meltdown. His ADHD medicine wears off at night. I showed them the medicine and told them this is starting to kick in," she added.

Additionally, Barbara claims the police were on her side once they determined no harm had been done. "The officer said to me 'This is just another thing with Jenelle and her drama. She is just trying to get ratings up for MTV.' They know what she is all about," she said.

Barbara also addressed the fact the Jace does suffer from ADHD and revealed that she felt it neccesary to let people know, saying, "I want people to know that Jace has ADHA. Anyone who has a child who has ADHD knows exactly where I'm coming from. They know how bad it can be."

Finally, Barbara took Evans to task for what she feels are shortcomings in her parenting skills.


"If she would put him first it would solve the problems. I put him first. Jenelle refuses to go to therapy with us and until she goes and works with me and the therapist he's in trouble," Barbara fired back. "Jenelle needs to start parenting. I tell her these things and she doesn't believe it."