Jenelle Evans Tells Fans They Have 'No Idea' in Cryptic Message About Mother Amid Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans is speaking candidly about her ongoing custody battle with mom Barbara Evans after [...]

Jenelle Evans is speaking candidly about her ongoing custody battle with mom Barbara Evans after her children were removed from the home she and husband David Eason share.

On Sunday, the former Teen Mom 2 star responded to a tweet from a fan about the drama, revealing that there was more going on behind the scenes than fans could understand. The Twitter user was initially responding to a conversation between Jenelle and another person, in which the fired reality star called Barbara her "biggest enemy." The 27-year-old couldn't say much, but did say that when she "can speak" about it, she intends to.

(Photo: Twitter/@PBandJenelley_1)

The exchange started after Jenelle shared a The Hollywood Gossip story about her custody battle. A fan urged her to stay strong, get her affairs "in order" and keep Barbara — whom she referred to as her "biggest and strongest [ally]" — by her side. Jenelle denied that Barbara was on her side, but again declined to say more about the situation.

Jenelle's followers didn't take kindly to her referring to Barbara as an "enemy," especially considering all that she's done for her over the years.

"Biggest enemy lol she's raising your son cause you couldn't....." one user wrote.

"You biggest enemy sleeps next to you at night," another tweeted, referencing Eason.

"Wow Jenelle!!!!! I had hopes as you grew older you would have also grew up and grew wise! Seems not," another fan tweeted. "Barbara has saved 2 of your kids from going into foster care! She's stepped up for them when you didn't! David is all kind of bad, I hope 1 day you will realise this!"

Jenelle and Eason have been fighting for custody of their kids since May. Their removal from the home comes after Eason shot and killed their family dog, Nugget, in late April. He alleged that the animal "snapped" at their daughter, Ensley, 2. MTV responded by firing Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, confirming the news in a statement.

After the shooting, Jenelle's son Kaiser, 4, was sent to live with Barbara, along with Ensley and Jenelle's older son, Jace, whom she's had custody of for years. Eason also lost custody of a child as a result of the shooting. His daughter Maryssa was sent to live with his mother.

In spite of the controversy, Jenelle continues to be active on social media and has found herself at the center of a number of controversies stemming from her posts. She continues to post about her children, expressing hope that she'll get them back soon. Jenelle was recently denied custody of them in a hearing, after a judge found that she did not do enough to protect them.

Following that court date, Us Weekly reported that Jenelle's relationship with her mother is "destroyed at this point."