Jenelle Evans Doxxes Critic After Animal Rights Activist Takes Over Web Domain

Just a few months after former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was fired by MTV, her new business venture doesn't seem to be going as well as she had hoped. The 27-year-old is planning on launching her cosmetic line during NYFW, but her private launch party was cancelled.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the salon it was suppose to take place at the Flirt Beauty Boutique, however, they recently announced on their Instagram page that they would not be hosting the event anymore after learning about Evans' past.

"This event has been cancelled at our venue!," they wrote. "Our salon was unaware of what her and her husband have done or have been connected to, and in no way, would we support such brutality. We apologize for not doing out research beforehand."

However, Evans has a different story. According to her, she simply moved venues since the salon location was leaked and revealed to the public.

"My @jecosmeticsinc launch is a private event. Now that the location was leaked / posted without consulting me about it we have decided to cancel our venue and change locations," she wrote in an Instagram story.

She also posted, "The launch to the PUBLIC will be 09.19.19 , preorders will begin before that and soon will be announced. The launch party I've decided to do is a PRIVATE event."

When she caught wind of the other side of the story, she immediately urged her fans and followers not to believe the rumors.

"Do not believe the rumors others are posting onto their pages or into the media. No matter what I decide to do or no matter what happens... @jecosmeticsinc will launch to everyone on 09.19.19 and NOTHING will stop us!" she said.

She added, "On a side note how can someone 'cancel' my event when I'm the owner?"

While several attacked Evans stating that it was easier to cancel the event than she made it out to be, she made sure to respond back to a few commenters revealing what allegedly happened.

"No the location and invite was posted to their page and I decided to change locations then they decided to use that 'excuse' ... I have other locations I've been scoping out for weeks. Want to make sure it's perfect!" she stated.


Someone also bought her brands site at one point in time because she had failed to make the payments. When they got ahold of it they renamed it to Nugget Cosmetics — the name of her dog that was killed.

In April, Evans husband David Eason shot and killed their family dog Nugget after the French bulldog nipped at their daughter Ensley. After that, CPS removed all children from the home, only to regain custody in early July.