Jenelle Evans Disproves 'Fake News' Article About Her Breaking the Law

Jenelle Evans is shooting down another false news story written about her and her family.

The Teen Mom 2 personality took to Twitter on Saturday morning to combat an article by Radar Online that stated how Evans and her husband David Eason were breaking the law by not having a fence immediately around the in-ground pool at their residence.

The report cited North Carolina laws, but Evans quickly branded the article as "Fake News."

Evans showed off a video of her family's backyard, which includes a fence around the perimeter. Along with the video, she threatened legal action.

"Hey Radar Online, want to change your article before I sue you?" Evans wrote. "Saying I'm breaking the law with my kids because of no pool fence? Now I have to take drone videos to prove you wrong?"

Evans then went on to argue with critics that stated that the fence is supposed to be directly around the pool. After replied to them directly, she posted an overall comeback to those comments.

The mother-of-three cited the fact that she had to receive government approval before putting the pool in. She also noted the requirements the fence met, and also stated that they installed an alarm on their backdoor to prevent their children from wandering into the backyard unsupervised.

"LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU, In order to obtain a pool permit you have to obey by the laws so you get approved," Evans wrote. "Where I live the pool fence has to be tall enough, and YOU CAN attach it to your house. Since we did this you HAVE to put an security alarm on the back door. #Facts"

Despite this explanation, detractors still continued to bash Evans. However, many thought the MTV personality's claim was valid.

"It's not about complying with the county, it's about the safety of your kids," one user wrote. "Why do the bare minimum and scrape by? Make it super safe for everyone involved."

Another added, "Good Lord, people, do you think that if she wasn't compliant about the fence that she would have obtained a permit? Give it an effing rest. Let the PROPER PEOPLE take care of this and enjoy your Saturday."

Evans soon had enough of the discourse and checked out of the discussion.

"Not arguing with y'all at 6 a.m.," She wrote, adding three waving emojis.


No government agency has specifically commented on if Evans' pool fence violates any requirements.