Jenelle Evans Continues Twitter Tirade Against Mom, Denies Leaving Son

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans continued a Twitter tirade on Saturday, and insisted she never left her 8-year-old son Jace.

In the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Jace went back to his grandmother Barbara's house after spending a week with Evans and her husband, David Eason. Jace made it clear he did not have a good time with his mother and stepfather, calling them "pieces of s–" before spitting on the ground.

Evans did not tweet about the incident right away, waiting until Saturday morning to blame her son's foul language on Barbara, who has primary custody of Jace.

"If Jace lived with me he wouldn’t have ever spoke those words about ANYONE. Thought me and my mom were actually building our relationship lately and now it’s two steps back," Evans wrote.

In a series of profanity-laced tweets on Saturday afternoon, Evans continued her attack on her mother and insisted she never wanted to leave her son.

jenelle evans leaving child tweet 1
(Photo: Twitter/Jenelle Evans)

"I never f– left my child," Evans wrote to one fan. "We treat the children like gold compared to what I grew up with, which Jace is also experiencing. All he sees and hears is everything my mom tells him. Just like Jace being surprised that David actually works and owns a business."

jenelle evans leaving child tweet 2
(Photo: Twitter/Jenelle Evans)

In another message to the same fan, Evans continued, "My mom talked so much s– about me and David my son doesn’t even know me anymore. You can say 'you and David argue all the time' but people that know us personally know we are fine, so you can stop repeating rumors."

Evans then reminded fans that not every day of their lives is filmed.

"And by building our relationship I meant within these past 2 weeks that hasn’t been filmed at all and you have no idea about. Stop thinking you guys know every aspect of my life," she wrote.

jenelle evans leaving child tweet 3
(Photo: Twitter/Jenelle Evans)

Evans also has another son, 3-year-old Kaiser, with ex Nathan Griffith. Griffith's mother, Doris Davidson, is reportedly refusing to give Kaiser back to Evans, and accused Evans and Eason of child abuse.

Eason has been accused of abuse in the past. In February, MTV fired Eason, although not because of the abuse allegations. He went on a homophobic Twitter rant after he was criticized for sharing a photo of Evans holding a gun on the same day 17 people were killed at a Florida high school in February.

Despite these controversies, Evans continues to defend her husband. On July 2, she claimed Kaiser only made a gift her Eason on Father's Day and "refused" to make a gift for Griffith.

"When others didn’t step up, David did," Evans wrote. "Sometimes all you do as a parent goes unnoticed until your child comes home with a sweet gift like this one from school. The bond between them will forever inseparable no matter what tries to come in-between them."


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