Jenelle Evans' Mountaintop Photo of Daughter Sparks Controversy

Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to share a precious moment with her daughter Ensley, but it stirred up a bit of drama in the comments.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member shared a photo gallery of Ensley playing around at a scenic mountain spot with the intention of documenting the sweet family adventure.

"If you only knew how much these simple moments mean to me, Little Mama," Evans wrote.

A couple mom-shamers took to the comments to criticize Evans for a variety of infractions, including not dressing her in properly fitting clothes or putting Ensley in danger of falling.

However, Evans' fans quickly came to bat for her and defended her from the exaggerated critiques.

"She's crawling; a jacket is going to hang like that when a baby is crawling," one user wrote. "My lord, let's judge Jenelle for every tiny thing."

Another added, "It's actually very safe lots of kids with their families go up there! None of them have ever died or fell! I have done hand stands at this spot! And I'm still alive get a life before you go around judging others!"


Regardless of the disputes in the comments, the adorable photo session has racked up more than 80,000 likes.