Jenelle Evans Calls Ex Nathan Griffith's Concern for Son into Question

Jenelle Evans made a scathing response to her former boyfriend's latest custody filing.

Nathan Griffith, the Teen Mom 2 personality's ex, recently moved to obtain full custody of their 4-year-old son, Kaiser. Evans has full custody of Kaiser, but Griffith wants to limit Evans to only visitation.

Evans is not taking this legal maneuver well and threw shade at Griffith's parenting in a series of tweets on Friday.

"If you're so 'concerned' about your son why haven't you call him to see how he's been lately?" Evans wrote. "Oh yeah, you don't care. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Silly me, I forgot."

She then doubled down on her claim that Griffith does not call to check in on Kaiser, saying he has never done that.

"Oh wait, you've never called him," Evans wrote. "That would be giving you credit you don't deserve."

The MTV personality then turned her attention to Griffith's shots at her in the media.

While Griffith's legal filing was picked up by outlets, the former Teen Mom 2 cast member did a video interview with TMZ about his ongoing custody battle. In that clip, he cites Evans' recent road rage incident as an example of the "hazardous" conditions Kaiser could be in.

Evans must not have been thrilled at the high-profile dig by her ex, as she makes clear in her final tweet in the rant.

"It's annoying when you try to live your life and you've got these pests talking to the media," Evans wrote, adding the hashtag "GetALife."

Griffith's custody filing was made just a day after MTV aired Evans' road rage incident on Teen Mom 2. That episode involved Evans pursuing another driver and pulling out a gun while her oldest son from an earlier relationship, Jace, was in the passenger seat.


He touches on that violent response, alleges her current spouse David Eason is abusive and also alleges that Evans is an avid drug user. He even claims that Kaiser tested positive for THC when he was born.

Griffith has not yet publicly responded to Evans' tweets.