Jacob Roloff Reveals He Was Expelled From School

Jacob Roloff is diving into his painful school days in his new book, Out To See, revealing that the former Little People Big World star was expelled from his elementary school.

Roloff didn't go into why he was expelled from Faith Bible Elementary School, but said it gave him a new perspective on life leading to his decision to leave school altogether early.

"When I got expelled from Faith Bible, I did not fall into a pit of what-ifs — I simply enjoyed my early summer. When I found myself unable to be contented by a high school that had no interest in educating me, I dropped out and continued my life as it was naturally forming. Never once have I looked back on these events, or any others, and regretted their happening. Instead I have been grateful that my answer to these realities has brought me to this pleasant present, and I only hope I maintain this course," he wrote, according to Radar.

Roloff added that he found himself "isolated" in high school due to his reality television famous family, which made it harder for him to attend school.

"In high school, I had only two romantic relationships, both rather short-lived. The first was innocent enough, but were complete opposites," Roloff admitted. "The second had its bright spots, but was ultimately toxic for us both. By then it was junior year, and I had been psychologically checked out of school for years. Not of disinterest in learning, but of scarce opportunity to do so in a public school with most teachers seemingly disinterested in teaching. There was only one teacher that I actually liked, but he later became involved in scandalous affairs on school grounds, consequently losing his position and going to prison."

"After losing the teacher to the only two classes I went to, I left my high school to finish what I felt was an increasingly pestuous stage of compulsory learning, by getting a GED instead," he continued. "I passed the exam with flying colors and then began internally exploring what I wanted in life."

It was during this period that he met his soon-to-be wife, Isabel Rock.

"During this time, I finally re-connected with a longtime friend from high school, Izzy, who was in the class above mine. The few times we did converse, I was trying to figure out why she was talking to me, because she assumed norms of public school said that she shouldn't be: she was a grade up, beautiful and popular, and I was the new kid, duly isolated from my reputation of being on TV. After all, it turned out that we weren't so different. She happened to ride my bus on Wednesdays, and so I saw her then, too. She would always sit beside me, and soon from this connection we began texting intermittently and eventually, every day."

Soon after turning 18, Roloff revealed that he moved in with Rock after just a few months of dating.

"We have been virtually inseparable in the four years since, and I'm eager for a lifetime more."


As previously reported, Roloff was estranged from his family after slamming them for involving him in the reality TV world at a young age and reportedly stiffing him on earnings. They have since made up, but he will not appear on the show anytime soon.

Photo credit: Instagram/Isabel Rock